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  • Videos on Youtube about the Billings Method: Australian TV broadcast "Compass" parts 1,2,3. and "BOMA USA International Conference," 2009 - good resource videos. Enter "Billings Method, youtube" in google search.
  • Please visit an updated website for Billings LIFE (Leaders in Fertility Education). Feedback would be appreciated.
  • Soon to be published STUDY: 65% sub-fertile women achieve pregnancy using the Billings Ovulation Method TM
What is the Billings Ovulation Method TM?
Not only is the Billings Method the most modern natural way of achieving or avoiding becoming pregnant but it is an increasingly useful means of monitoring female reproductive health. It was first called the Ovulation Method because ovulation is the important event in the cycle setting its length but in 1978 the World Health Organisation added the name of the two doctors, Drs. John and Evelyn Billings, husband and wife team who developed the Ovulation Method, in order to distinguish it from other methods. It has recently become trademarked.

Clinical trials demonstrate how effective it is when four commonsense guidelines are applied. It can be used by a woman in all stages of her reproductive life: regular, irregular cycling, breastfeeding, approaching menopause, recovering from emotional and physical stress or coming off contraceptive medication. Trials

It teaches women to recognise their own individual pattern of fertility and infertility and to understand that they are infertile more often than fertile throughout their reproductive years. They know ahead of time when intimate sexual contact may or may not lead to pregnancy.

They learn to recognise the fertile phase in their menstrual cycles, when conception may occur. Fertility is signalled by the development of a particular type of mucus from the crypts of the cervix that develops a few days prior to ovulation and alerts the woman that she has begun her few days of possible fertility. Sperm live in the best type of mucus but without it they die within an hour or so. The Peak day (the last day of the lubricative sensation at the vulva) occurs very close to the time of ovulation. She is possibly fertile for a further three days and menstruation follows 11 - 16 days later. It is normal to experience infertile cycles, that do not follow this pattern, interspersed with fertile ones.

Women are not asked to do anything except pay attention to what they have probably already noticed just as they go about their normal activies; keep a simple daily evening record and apply four common sense guidelines. Please find an accredited instructor near you. For internet instruction click on the WOOMB logo.

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